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Probity Advisory

Accounting • Tax Consulting • Commercial Law • Trust Administration • Corporate Finance

A culmination of long-standing friendships and professional relationships has resulted in the formation of Probity Advisory where skilled professionals have combined in a unique consulting environment, providing an unparalleled service offering to the market.

With offices in both Pretoria and Cape Town, Probity Advisory grants you access to accountants, tax consultants, commercial lawyers, corporate finance experts and trust administrators within one consulting entity, without the cumbersome red tape of independence, which you will find elsewhere in the market.

All our consultants are experts in their respective fields, and all came together with the determination to re-define the consulting framework.

We push the boundaries of conventional consulting by thinking out of the box, focusing on a strategic, bigger picture perspective that is still flexible enough to accommodate even the most intricate transaction.

Our team has one goal – the desire to apply and implement cost effective solutions to the accounting, tax, legal, administration and compliance needs of our clients.

This allows us to make a tangible and quantifiable difference to our clients’ business. 

Bottom line. We make a difference!

Our products are designed to not only improve compliance and internal controls but are focused on unlocking cash benefits for our clients.

This is achieved through savings available in tax restructuring, compliance reviews, internal control improvements, loss control process implementation and many more.

Instead of focusing on individual silos and agendas we connect the dots, look at the business more holistically and identify gaps and opportunities.

Allow us to change the way you engage with consultants.

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